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Residential Services


Interior Painting

When it comes to painting your house interiors, you need professional results. With the ingenuity of Olea's Painting, we will make sure to deliver a high-quality service and impeccable finish that your home deserves. Our interior painting services offer a variety of colors, styles and textures to guarantee your satisfaction. Rest assured knowing that our interior house painting service provides a seamless and efficient interior painting job.

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Exterior Painting

Olea Paintings team of experts will tackle your list of painting projects. With the years of experience painting a wide variety of surfaces and materials, you can feel easy knowing that the job will get done right the first time. Some of the surfaces and materials we have tackled in the past include stucco, wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, brick, cedar shingles and garage doors.


Decks and Cabinets Painting

The decks and cabinets in your living space are an essential component that make your house unique. We also understand that your decks and cabinets are perhaps the most touched surfaces in your house, so it's no surprise that they end up with some wear and tear. That's why with Olea Painting, we will work with you to find a finish or paint that meets the needs of your living space and routine life style.


Fence Painting

We know that sometimes painting the exterior of a house may feel like a big project and you need a quick fix to give a nice curb appeal to your home. Painting your fence is a smart way to enhance your outdoor space and give your home a boost when appealing to sellers. With Olea Painting, we will work with you to find the right color and style for your fence to match your home style and give the neighbors something to talk about.

Backyard Washing

Pressure Washing

When you look to start a new personal painting project or new construction, it's important to have your property looking spotless. Olea Painting provides high-quality pressure washing to ensure each property that is worked has mold, oil, and old paint removed so new paint absorbs better on your surface. Our service makes sure that your property is ready for anything.

Drywall Repair and Restoration

Drywall Repair Only

Whether your home has water damage leading to drywall repairs or your walls have small to large holes, Olea Painting is ready to take on the task and perform any patches necessary to make it look new. Our crew will patch, sand and prime the area to enable a smooth surface to paint on again, erasing the memory of ever having a hole in your wall. You can count on Olea Painting to fix any holes or cracks in your walls.


Lead Stripping

We know how frustrating it can be to remove paint that's been sitting in your home for years and years. That's why at Olea Painting we have a method for removing paint that no longer brings appeal in your home. We work to remove any old paint so a fresh coat of paint can be brought in and leave your home looking as if it were new construction.

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Wallpaper Removal & Install

Wallpaper removal and installation can be a tricky task and at times frustrating when issues occur. That's why the crew at Olea Painting is skilled in not only removing wallpaper but installing it properly the first time. We make sure to take this time-consuming task of your hands, and create a hassle free experience for you. Once the project is done, all you'll need to do is enjoy the beauty of it.

Commercial Services

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As a business, we know how important it is to have to have an aesthetic appeal to your location. That's why we work hard to provide the best experience and make sure that you feel satisfied with our work.

With over 20 years of experience, the crew at Olea Painting will make sure to meet all standards and expectations so you can take time to focus on your customers.

We Paint:
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  • Interiors

  • Exteriors

  • Drywall

  • Wood

  • Concrete Walls

  • Brick

  • Floor

Our Clients Include:
  • Technology Firms

  • Law Offices

  • Financial Offices

  • Ad Agencies

  • Office Parks

  • Medical/Dental Suites

  • Police Stations

  • Factory Floors

  • Warehouses

  • Fire Stations

  • Restaurants

  • Rental Buildings

  • Universities

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